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Client-centric approach.

Elevate Building is not just a name, it's a mission. Born out of countless conversations on construction sites, in conference rooms, at design stations; with clients, outside contractors, and inside coworkers. It was born because 'that's how construction goes' didn't sit right. Every other industry has advanced – controlled manufacturing, advanced planning, project accountability – it's time to stop accepting less when we build.


All too often construction projects lack a fundamental concept: client-focus. Downloading all the risk to the client is simply not an equitable way to operate, nor does it encourage a successful outcome for both parties. Shifting from a builder to client-focused model changes our approach in virtually everything we do. Our network of designers, engineers, project managers, and contractors is made up of like-minded construction professionals committed to a higher standard and client-focused build model.

Our current and recent project-net includes the regions of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Washington (state); design and construction of Part 9 buildings (less than 3 storeys and 600m²).

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