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Four Levels of Building Elevated

They may sound simple or even obvious, but the four stages below are all critically important to master. Partially doing so is the most common source of problems between builder and client.

Build Different. Build Better.

Different is better. Most construction projects today are built in the same manner as a century ago.


We wouldn't build our vehicles or electronics in uncontrolled environments, or start assembly with missing details - so why do most commercial and home builders?


The world has advanced - it's time for construction to. 


Beautiful home and pool.


Too often we underestimate the importance of having a dream. The ultimate failure of a project is to arrive at completion having lost site of the original vision. 

What motivated you to consider a new build? What are your goals? You may require more space, you may require less; reducing operating costs, increasing views; a space to gather, a space to retreat to - everyone's are different. What are the top 5 desires and/or reasons for your build? 


Whether you dream of inspiring views, efficient use of space, or warming materials, our passion is building those realities.


Our DreamTeam is happy to talk with you about your project, and help you find your next direction. There's no charge for this - we love talking about ideas.

Beautiful home and pool.


Evaluate your dream. Planning is essential to bridge the gap between your vision and reality, setting the stage for success. Is it realistic, what constraints will you have? If compromises required, should you still pursue this?


Too often we see clients design their dreams, only to determine it not feasible after investing significant time and money.


Our ELEVATION Plan is completed before design ensuring purposeful, efficient direction. Specific planning with regard to the site, budget, and timeline are necessary in this stage. Planning is a time to explore options, then understand their realities. Here we consider everything from methods of construction to the finishing materials. 


Before moving into design we have a firm concept of the project, rooted in real world numbers and timelines. 

Beautiful home and pool.


Design brings your project to life. Good design delivers your dreams under the parameters of your plans.


The design phase can and should be an exciting time, as you finally begin to see your project take physical form. Starting from conceptual, you'll work in precise detail to finalize everything from the site plan to final finishes. The end result will be a set of plans, details, and specifications ready to be tendered and estimated from.

Communicating effectively is critical to moving through this stage efficiently, while delivering the result you want. Excess back and forth is often a symptom of insufficient planning or management, this can foreshadow a project going off the rails and indicate a return to Step 2 is needed.


The culmination of your design phase should provide you with blueprints and contract level pricing and timelines. 

Beautiful home and pool.


You've done the planning and design, now it's time to bring that hard work to life.


For many, the build becomes the most stressful time, but it doesn't have to be. With proper planning and management preceeding it, the build can be the simplest, most enjoyable stage. It's time construction was executed like the rest of the manufacturing world - automakers don't leave details to be determined while the car is assembling on the line. 


Much like the image of the iceberg, the build is what you're seeing above water, but is supported by the large body of work that came before it. We closely manage the build, executing the plan until the end. We invite you to closely watch, and enjoy witnessing your dream rising to reality.

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