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Personal ProjectManager

On Your Side

Build your dream with confidence. We're on your side - from land development and civil work, to home construction and landscaping - our professional process help keep your build on track. Choose your level of service from drawings and contract review to a single point of contact for all things related to your build. Enjoy the added confidence of knowing Personal ProjectManager has your back.

Professional Execution.

Did you know that on average, 22 sub-trades are used in the construction of a house? 

That's enough to challenge the most diligent and dedicated builders. Unfortunately, the challenges of project management ultimately fall on the client in the way of delays and budget increases.



Design management will set the course for your entire project. Designing a house you love, while also within budget is critical and often challenging due to the disconnect between designers and construction professionals. Further, in construction, plans and details are paramount. Catching errors goes a little like this: $1 in design, $10 in the field and $100 during construction. Our experience in both fields helps to bridge that gap to start your project on the right foot. 



Whether it be CCDC or proprietary, that right contract is essential for direction throughout the project. Clarity of the responsibilities of all parties must be provided. We support and protect you, helping review the details and specifications that will lay the foundation for project success. 



This can be the most rewarding period finally watching your home rise. Without proper planning, it can also be the most stressful. We're behind you in this stage on items like realistic trade scheduling /coordination, progress monitoring, and conflict resolution. As they say 'even the best-laid plans...'  when challenges arise clients can often feel a sense of helpless frustration, with builders typically holding all the leverage (and ability to grind a project to a halt). Find reassurance knowing you have a representative firmly in your corner to achieve equitable resolution if such circumstances arise.

Put ProjectManager To Work For You.

Thank-you! An Elevate member will be in touch ASAP.

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